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How to make Socket.IO work behind nginx (mostly)

Most web hosts with node.js support host it behind an nginx proxy. Sadly, Socket.IO doesn’t work at all behind nginx without a bit of hacking.

Finally open-sourced some new stuff

Express-asset, Jquery-droploader and Chattan–three awesome new projects I just open-sourced.

Let’s chat about node.js

Last night I had the pleasure of presenting on node.js at the November OKDG meet. It was a lot of fun, and there seemed to be quite a bit of interest in the technology. Well, now I’ve got the slideshow available in PDF form for all to see. :)

Not only that, the chat demo created in the presentation will remain live for all to play with. In addition to what was covered in the presentation, it also has a basic message filtering system to convert URLs to embedded content. Try posting a URL to an image, Youtube video or PDF and you can see it in action. Check it out!

Node.js – I’m a fanboy already.

About a week ago I discovered a unique new programming technology called node.js. It’s an event-driven javascript system running on Google’s V8 engine and is primarily focused on functioning as a web server. I hesitate to call it a web server however–it’s much more than that!