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Peint Update!

At last, Peint is usable enough to be called “beta” software. I was working on other things for awhile so it took a bit of time to get back to it. I’ve made many changes including; – Moved module system parts into a separate Utils library, which can easily attach the module system to any […]

Peint – Event-based canvas drawing, yay!

I did a bunch of work on Peint today, refactoring it to something that I might actually consider good enough to release. On that note; Peint enters alpha as of now!

Peint – Painting to canvas made easy!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been working on a graphics rendering library for the html5 canvas element. Peint is an attempt to make using canvas easier and more flexible, while introducing event-based programming. You include only core library and then use Peint.require(‘yourscript’, callback) to asynchronously load extra modules and execute the callback code once the module is ready. Using this method, http requests are made smaller and occur after page load, so execution appears near instant–no waiting for 100+ kb of code to download before the system starts setting itself up. :)

On canvas, and how to use it well.

All day I have been working on a graphics library for html5′s canvas element, and I’ve come to the conclusion that it is not particularly easy to use “as-is” in more involved applications.