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jquery.flash v1.3.1 – Squashing IE-related bugs.

If you downloaded v1.3 of jquery.flash I would recommend switching to this one. There has been no functionality changes, so it should just be drop-in. It fixes a minor bug I added when I switched to using indexOf() for iterating through attributes and parameters…apparently IE doesn’t support it. >.>

jquery.flash v1.3 is ready!

There’s nothing major to change in such a minimal library, but such a difference the little things can make! New in version 1.3 is;

  • Class inheritance
  • Src inheritance from href for easy conversion of links
  • Built-in support for allowfullscreen parameter
  • Minor fix to dimensions inheritance
  • Added availattrs and availparams to settings object allowing anyone to add support for any extra attributes or parameters they might need!
  • Moved lots of code around to use as little characters as possible, allowing optimal minification. All this new functionality and it got even smaller! It’s now down to 1.91 KB.

jquery.flash – Who needs swfobject when you have this?

I’ve used swfobject many times before in the past, but I just don’t like it. It works well, but in the modern web environment of performance-critical web apps and Javascript frameworks that give you elegant access to DOM elements it just feels clunky having to go back to the ‘old’ way of doing things…so I decided to make jquery.flash!

Why use it? Well for starters it minifies to just over 2 KB, rather than the 10 KB of swfobject! How about automatic plugin and version detection? How about complete cross-browser compatibility? If jquery.flash isn’t a perfect fit for your flash embedding needs then you are just asking for too much. ;)